'Ride Along' Trailer: ATL is No Place for a Rent-A-Cop

We know what you're thinking: Another day, another buddy-cop movie with a few laugh-worthy sprinkles on top of a plot you could totally one-click to generate online? Well, yes. There's that ... but if you're still willing to hop in and take a seat, there are some pretty fun sights to be seen on this little "Ride Along," if this first trailer is any indication.

Presenting Ben (Kevin Hart), a high-school security guard who desperately wants the approval of his hopeful-fiancée Angela (Tika Sumpter)'s macho big brother James (Ice Cube). Problem is, James just so happens to be this big-shot, no-nonsense detective at the Atlanta Police Department who doesn't think Benny Boy's up to the job of looking after his precious little sis. But whaddya know, the opportunity to impress arises once Ben gets himself called up to fight real crimes in the ATL at long last! Win, right? Not so fast.

Big bossy bro isn't quite convinced his motor-mouthed wannabe-in-law has the chops to deal with any real crime, so he challenges him to a 24-hour ride-along through some less than desirable parts of the city. Naturally, the mismatched guys soon find themselves in some kinda criminal pickle together, thanks no doubt to the rookie's tendency to blab, and we're guessing the inevitable forced bonding experience ensues via comedy and just enough gravity to make you care. Formulaic? Sure ("Bad Boys II" + "Blue Streak" - "Lethal Weapon" = the elementary movie math on this one). But what isn't these days?

Tim Story (who'd worked with Ice Cube "Barbershop" and with Kevin Hart on "Think Like A Man") directed the pic, which will hit theaters on Jan. 17, 2014.

Adding to the first trailer, these five new stills from the picture also dropped today, mostly consisting of Ice Cube doing one helluva Not Impressed Face.

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