'Black Nativity' Trailer: Holiday Music Meets a Little Soul-Crushery

Best to go ahead and stock up on some Kleenex now, people, because the trailer alone for "Black Nativity" will be drawing out some serious sniffles for a couple of reasons.

First, Jennifer Hudson, who won an Oscar for that unforgettable pipe work in "Dreamgirls" a half-dozen years ago, is taking it to the house again with one gorgeous rendition of "Silent Night." Also, this just looks like a d**n emotional story.

In a nut-cracker shell, Hudson stars in this modern adaptation of the famed Langston Hughes Christmas play as a single mother raising her teenage son (Jacob Latimore) in Baltimore until she just can't make ends meet any longer. She's got a pair of well-to-do, religious parents (Angela Bassett and Forest Whitaker) up in New York City, but they've spent decades "broken-hearted" by her life's decisions and won't soon welcome her back into their home.

Her son — forced to sing-ask himself questions like "Am I the cause of my mother's misery? Did my very birth destroy my whole family?" — is sent to stay with them while she attempts to regroup, and there he tries to call 'em out for essentially letting their own daughter starve on the mean streets. When grandpa reverend refuses to budge, the boy ditches and makes way back to his mother and discovers a lot about the world of faith and family in the process.

All the awwws. And look! Doctrinal parallels all around!

Also, the stars, they are brightly shining here, yes?

"Black Nativity," written and directed by Kasi Simmons, will hit theaters on Nov. 27 just in time for the season, in both holiday and movie merit terms.