George Lucas Ties the Knot in a Galaxy Not So Far Away

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George Lucas has just pulled off his biggest production in years and this time it definitely won't ruin your childhood.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucas threw a massive party right here in our own galaxy — more specifically, Chicago, Il. — over the weekend to celebrate his new marriage to Mellody Hobson. The couple had tied the knot on June 22 in a private ceremony in his California-based Skywalker Ranch but took things semi-public on Saturday with an intergalactically star-studded affair.

With them, the nuptial force was!

Reportedly, Lucas and Hobson pulled out all the stops for their Windy City-based shebang. As a bit of scale reference, when was the last time you attended a wedding reception that featured Prince as the house band? Or Robin Williams as live entertainment?

Besides those luminaries, the guest list was crowded with everyone from Lucas' own "Star Wars" homies like Mark Hamill and Hayden Christensen to political power brokers such as Jesse Jackson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Lucas and Hobson, you may recall, were engaged at the beginning of the year after dating since 2006. The main difficulty, it seemed, was finding the time, with Hobson being even busier than Lucas (besides chairing the board at DreamWorks Animation, Hobson also heads the Chicago-based investment firm Ariel Investments LLC and is a director for Groupon and Starbucks in addition to being on the board at numerous institutions such as the Field Museum, the Chicago Public Education Fund and the Sundance Institute).

"I'm happy that he's getting married, this kind of wandering guy, who, you know, has been in and out of relationships ever since he split with his [first] wife Marcia [in 1983]," former Lucasfilm VP Sid Ganis said. "I have never seen him so happy. I know he's got a lot of money now, but even beyond that, he's a happy person."


Here's hoping they live long and prosper (yeah, yeah, wrong space phrase, so what?).