Kevin Smith: I'm Too Rich to Use Kickstarter for 'Clerks 3'

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Funding movies through Kickstarter is all the rage these days in Hollywood. You might recall, the folks behind "Veronica Mars" did it, raking in a cool $5.7 million from fans of the cult TV series, and then Zach Braff appealed to the "Garden State" faithful and drew $3.1 million. So, getting fans to pay for films is a legit thing right now.

But there's one movie maker who won't be turning to the crowd with an open hand, and that's Kevin Smith, who's decided to leave all that virtual "fifteen dollars, little man"-ing to the other guys.

Smith told KCRW radio by way of The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that his "Clerks 3" baby will not be using Kickstarter to get birthed beyond the script. The reason? Well, frankly, it's because he already knows a bunch of rich people in Hollywood who will totally give him money to do it if he wants to.

"I don't know, I feel like I should leave that for the cats that really need it at this point," Smith said about the whole Kickstarter game.

"I love the idea and I want to do it so desperately, but I think I've missed the window based on the fact that I do have access to materials, I do have access to money," he added.

"It feels like me trying to have a second bite at the apple by going, 'All right man, now I'm going indie again with this Kickstarter thing.' Like, the truth of it is, after all this time, 20 years later, I have access to money. If I don't use my own money, I can always hit up some of my famous friends."

Of course, that hasn't stopped every other Tom, Dick and Zach Braff from glomming onto their fans' wallets like human leeches... but while Smith may be aware of the backlash against famous stars using Kickstarter to fund their vanity projects, he says he's not actually criticizing those people. He just doesn't feel right about using it himself.

Then again, he also doesn't think he would have any problem raising money if he did use Kickstarter either.

"If our Kickstarter video had been me just walking out in front of a blackboard and writing 'Clerks' and then 'III' after it, without much more than that, we probably would have easily cleared $5 million to $7 million bucks," Smith said with his usual charming dose of braggadocio.

Smith was quick to clarify, however, that all that loot would come "not because people like me, but they love 'Clerks,' man."

Even so, Kevin Smith, we do heartily applaud the restraint.