'White House Down' Sequel: Channing Tatum Protects His Cheese Grits

If there's one thing we can all appreciate about Channing Tatum (note: there are actually many things), it's his charming willingness to poke fun at himself and his own silly action movies. He doesn't tread into disrespectful territory by any stretch, 'cause that's not cool, but he is willing to call it like it is here and there with a shrug and a smile that intones, "Sure, I made a cheesy, predictable, smash-'em-up-bang-bang movie, but you'll see it and you know it, and what's more is you'll love it."

Annnnd so here we go again with this weekend's over-the-top political action fare "White House Down," which is tracking only so-so but which has been marketing the stuffing out its lead's humor palette (Channing all over Tatums and such). As a last-minute nudge, Tatum hit up "Jimmy Kimmel Live" again last night to make a new video funny — this time positing a sequel to "WHD" ... that is, "Waffle House Down."

In it, a pack of pesky iHop-ers want to get their mitts on the WaHo recipe for those delicious cheesy grits, and they're comin' for it guns-blazing. The situation then gets messier than when maple syrup leaks onto the scrambled eggs, but Tatum's brave, muscle-bound breakfast-slinger holds it down and ultimately saves the day. Hooray!

Just don't siege the theaters expecting a whole lot more complexity in the real movie's plot, and you probably won't be disappointed.