Leo and Jamie Foxx Have Some 'Mean Business' Together

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We're not in the business of offering traffic advisories — except to direct you to the cinema when warranted, natch — but if your commute just so happens to bring you down a North Ganson Street, you might wanna at least consider a detour because according to Deadline, there's about to be some "Mean Business on North Ganson Street."

And it's the kind of mean business only Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx can sort out.

Yes, that's right, the two "Django Unchained" stars are about to reunite for a new thriller from Warner Bros. And this time around, they're on the same side of the law, playing a pair of cops facing down danger in an adaptation of an upcoming novel by author S. Craig Zahler.

Here's the description of the movie: DiCaprio's character is a "hardened detective" who adds salt to a guy's open wound by telling him his missing wife is a hooker who's just jacked his loot. So, the man gets a little crazed and acts out right there in the squad room, sending Leo boy down to Victory, Missouri ("a hellhole rust belt town") to deal with the escalating crime situation there. He's there linked up with Jamie Foxx's equally disgraced detective guy, who gotten himself into hot water by beating up a suspect in public, and the two get down to the dirty business of detective-ing together ... until cops start turning up dead, execution-style. Ruh roh!

Okay, so that doesn't sound all that awesome really, but it's just a log-line. What's important is that we've got Foxx and DiCaprio back together, and given their track record that means this "Mean Business" is going to be some serious business indeed.

We can't wait.