James Franco Leaves His Own 'Garden' Movie to Rot

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Oh, those insidious creative differences. Just when you think you're about to get something done, boom! Creative differences show up and wreck even the happiest of Hollywood marriages. It's an epidemic.

Case in point: according to Deadline, James Franco has just quit the upcoming indie "Garden of Last Days." The unusual twist? Franco himself was going to direct the film, meaning he just walked out on his own movie.

So is it possible to have creative differences with yourself?

Normally we'd say no, but in the crazy world of James Franco, pretty much anything is possible. 'Cause, you know, James Franco.

In this case, though, things go a little bit deeper than your run-of-the-mill case of schizophrenia. Oh yes.

"Garden of Last Days," you see, was to be an adaptation of the novel of the same name by "House of Sand and Fog" author Andre Dubois III — this time, a thriller which tells the story of three desperate people whose lives intersect at a strip club. The Millennium production of "Garden of Last Days" signed Franco as director back in April, handing him a $3 million budget to work with and all was lined up to proceed in two weeks.

But this is where those pesky creative issues came into play, as Franco apparently used about half a mil of the budget to put together a film crew that the bond company insuring the film didn't feel was up to snuff. As a result, they refused to insure the project unless Franco used a different crew and in turn, Franco quit out of loyalty to his crew. And now the whole thing is a throwaway. The "Garden" has been left for dead.

On the one hand, loyalty is always admirable, especially in Hollywood where it is often in pretty short supply. On the other hand, try telling that to the people who just lost half a million dollars because Franco insisted on hiring noobs.

Either way, one thing is sure: When it comes to creative differences, nobody is as different as James Franco ... well, except for maybe James Franco.