'Captain Planet,' He's Our (Next Movie) Hero

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It is without the slightest hint of irony or sarcasm that we say this: A "Captain Planet" movie is coming, and we are pumped. Like raw sewage right into a riverbed pumped (okay, so that last bit was a 'lil cheeky, but we do mean it to say this is majorly exciting news).

'Cause it was a thing for us '80s babies, you know? Right at around 7:00 a.m., just before our bedraggled bedheads had to throw on our vinyl little backpacks and stamp down to the bus stop for a long, hard day — that moment when the cereal was just starting to mush — the power was ours.

And now all that globe-saving ecological awareness will live to indoctrinate another generation of little planeteers via the big screen, as Sony Pictures is currently sealing a deal to acquire the rights to adapt the polluter-smackdown series.

For those who weren't privileged to grow up with the green-tressed hero as part of your morning cartoon regimen, first of all, sorry. Secondly, the gist is that the show centered on five teens from across the world empowered with elemental rings which, when put together, summoned the big guy to the scene to help put an end to whatever malfeasance villains like Looten Plunder and Hoggish Greedly and Sly Sludge were up to.

Let's just hope the powers combine to make this thing good and not just some toxic cinema sludge, yes?

'Til then, feel free to revisit the comedic greatness that was Don Cheadle as our waste-hating pal.