Vin Diesel Plus Marvel Equals What?

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Vin Diesel must give exactly zero effs about the definition of the term "secret" 'cause the uberjacked action star is developing a little history of shelling out critical deets way before he's supposed to.

In the latest instance of Mr. Muscles beating everyone else to the media punch, he's announced via his super viral Facebook page (seriously, he's like the number three most popular celeb or something) that he's just gotten himself a special meeting request from the folks at Marvel, thank you very much.

"Marvel has requested a meeting," he teased last night, "no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me."

Vin Diesel Facebook Marvel Meeting

What a tease.

Indeed, the speculation has been fast and furious ever since he dropped the little nugget, ranging from the most obvious guess — chiefly, that the studio could be interested in him for the villainous role of Thanos in their currently in-development Phase Two "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie — to the stretchier theory that he'd be a candidate for the studio's Phase Three starting with the "Ant-Man" project, kicking off in Nov. 2015, as someone like Doctor Strange or the Black Panther.

Given Diesel's scheduling preferences ...

... and the fact that "Galaxy" casting is currently underway and we're totally not buying Benicio del Toro as the big purple dude, we're pegging this one as a gimme ... assuming his meeting goes well, of course, and that he hasn't just shot himself in the foot with this little spillage. We'll see!

In the meantime, Twitter did its trusty collective Not Impressed face thing in response to Diesel's news, which is always fun.

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