Channing Tatum on How Magic Mike & Django Would Handle 'White House Down'

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx portrayed two of the most iconic movie characters of 2012 in "Magic Mike" and "Django Unchained," respectively, and now the pair unite to take on terrorists in Roland Emmerich's latest pyrotech-fest "White House Down."

In the film, Foxx is president of the US of A, while Tatum plays a security guard ultimately responsible for protecting the chief when 1600 Penn is overrun by extremists.

We asked the actors how Mike and Django might respond in the same situation at the film's recent press junket in Washington, D.C. (yep, that is actually the White House in the background). Tatum thinks freed slave Django would jump to action, while male stripper Mike would take… a less heroic route.

"Django is probably gonna start slaying fools," Tatum says. "Magic Mike is probably just gonna run. I'm running, I'm out… He's probably just looking at the secretary like, 'Hey. What's up?'"

Tatum also spills that President Obama (whom Foxx fully admits to channeling for the film) has requested a DVD of the film to watch on Air Force One.

"I'll hand deliver it," Tatum offers. "I wanna meet the guy, I've never met him."

See what else the "White House Down" stars had to say in the video above.

Reporting by Kevin Polowy