What Did Robert Pattinson and 'Fifty Shades' Author Talk About?

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James reportedly spent Saturday evening schmoozing (no chains, we're guessing) with various Hollywood glitterati at a party for director Nicholas Jarecki, hosted by Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson in his Los Feliz, Calif. abode. According to the Hollywood Reporter, James' presence at Château Vampire obviously means Pattinson is hot and bothered about playing Christian Grey, the lead male role in the upcoming  film adaptation of the first "Fifty" novel.

But not so fast, guys! Just because James brought a casserole to Pattinson's crib does not mean he wants to sink his fangs into Christian's Red Room of Pain. There are a bazillion other topics the duo could have been discussing. Here are five things Pattinson and James could have gabbed about:

1. Newly-single Pattinson wanted to pick James' brain about how to get his own Christian-Anastasia situation started.


2. James tried to convince Pattinson to trade in his pups, Bear and Bernie, for a feline friend. She is more of a cat person.


3. While playing a roaring round of 'I Never,' James got Pattinson hammered by routinely saying, "I never [insert something 'Grey'-like] with Kristen Stewart."


4. Or, you know, maybe they just said "wassup," like normal people passing each other at a party.


If we're a little grumpy about all the speculation, it's only because we are holding out for who the real Christian Grey needs to be:


We're looking at you, Kevin James.

No cast information for "Fifty" has been confirmed yet, but Sam Taylor-Johnson is slated to direct the film.