Link Riot: Ranking the 50 Hottest 'Harry Potter' Guys

Neville Longbottom

• The hottest Hogwarts alum of all may surprise you. [BuzzFeed]

• "The Heat" might be hilarious, but can we really satirize female buddy cop movies without having made any in the first place? []

• Here's the deal on the original crazy Russian ending of "World War Z." [Vulture]

• He's magic at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, too. See all the pictures of Channing Tatum looking Channing Tatum-ish in "White House Down." [BuzzSugar]

• Drew Barrymore in "Poltergeist"? 9 actors who almost starred in classic horror films. [ScreenCrush]

• It's too big to be a space station! Disney has large-scale plans for the "Star Wars" addition to the theme parks. [Hypable]

• The problem with "Monsters University" and 'just okay' Pixar movies. [MTV Movies]

• More proof that Brad Pitt's hair is Hollywood's hardest-working actor. [Death and Taxes]

• 10 people who hated their own biopics. Yes, two of them are Sarah Palin and Mark Zuckerberg. [The Week]

• It's never too early to ponder higher (cinematic) education. 9 college movies for kids, from "Flubber" to "First Daughter." [Moviefone]

• 8 Disney sequels that never happened, from "Dumbo II" to "Treasure Planet II" (yeah, we forgot all about "Treasure Planet," too). [Mental Floss]

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