Damon Lindelof Gives 'Man of Steel' A Thumbs Up

If you haven't heard of Damon Lindelof, you've surely heard of his work. (Does "Lost" ring a bell? "Prometheus"? "Star Trek Into Darkness," perhaps?)

You've also probably heard of some other movie that just came out that has sparked a debate among critics and audiences alike.

A self-proclaimed comic book fan, Lindelof recently shared with MTV Splash Page his opinions about the latest Superman installment, which has proven to be especially controversial among comic book fans.

So what did he think of Zack Snyder's reboot? "I thought it was fantastic," he said. "I think that Zack did an amazing job of essentially rebirthing the myth."

The screenwriter also had the opportunity to channel his inner fanboy on opening night.

"I know that there's some sort of controversy out there," he said. "I try to go to these movies just as a fan. I was in New York City, and saw an 11:30 show on opening night. The crowd was completely and totally fired up. I definitely give it a thumbs up."

What did you think of "Man of Steel"?