'Crystal Fairy' Trailer: Michael Cera Trips Chilean Cacti

When Michael Cera isn't, say, dealing with the celeb-filled apocalypse a la "This is the End" or delivering the punch-lines (see what we did there?) in "Arrested Development," what does the guy do with himself?

Well, if this "Crystal Fairy" trailer is any indication, he's a total trip.

Cera stars in this one of his two collaborations with writer-director Sebastián Silva — the other, titled "Magic Magic" and also based in Chile, comes along in August — as a twenty-something expat trekking down to South America, perhaps for some answers to his life's little first world-ish conundrums.

While out partying with some natives, he runs across another former occupant of the U.S. of A. not-so-subtly named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), and the hippie homegirl claims to have the in on some mind-altering flora in the area. So, drunkenly, digits are exchanged and Cera's Jamie gets a call from his new hook-up about that magical, hallucinogenic cactus everyone's yammering on about, and they make way for the desert to enjoy and coo about the wonders of the universe and such. Lessons are learned, pretenses are abandoned, yada yada yada... You get the gist.

"Crystal Fairy" (along with Silva's "Magic Magic") was pretty well-received at Sundance and will hit limited theaters on July 12. 'Til then, we leave you with these scattered Twitter reactions to the trailer.