'Star Wars' Elevator Prank: Jedi Jesters Use The Force to Open Doors

May the Force be with you. Or, at least, with that weird guy in a hoodie waving his arm back and forth.

We've seen time and time again that elevator pranks make some of the funniest viral videos out there. But this one — produced by the college comedy trio JesterLads — uses a different kind of force.

In classic hidden camera style, the King's College London students masterfully trick their fellow classmates into thinking that they are in the presence of the supernatural.

It's simple, really. One member dresses up as a "Star Wars" Jedi (or "Neo or something"), while another uses his own kind of force to open the elevator doors from the outside (and by force, we mean pressing the "up" button).

But enough from us – take a look  for yourself. Watch the Jedi jesters use their forces here.

061913 'The Force'-Neo