'Prometheus 2' Gets A New Writer, Thank Jeebus

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They say that if you play with fire, you're going to get burned. Just ask the Greek god Prometheus. He played with fire and got burned to the tune of an eternity of birds eating his innards. Some might say there's an object lesson in that.

But Ridley Scott is apparently not one of those people, because according to Variety, the legendary director is proceeding full speed ahead with "Prometheus 2" despite widespread critical derision and fan disappointment with last year's "Prometheus."

At least he'll be doing it with a new writer.

That's because, as we reported last month, "Lost" creator and "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof has decided not to return for another go-round. Instead, it seems that Scott and the suits and Fox have targeted screenwriter Jack Paglen (who is responsible for the upcoming Johnny Depp sci-fi epic "Transcendence") to pen the next installment.

Just what "Prometheus 2" will actually be about, of course, is still anyone's guess. Scott is on record as saying it will contain far less "Alien" stuff, which is probably for the best after what happened in "Prometheus." We do know that Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are going to be back on board, though Fassbender may need to get a new body considering he finished the last film as a severed head.

Still, who knows. There's every possibility "Prometheus 2" could be better than "Prometheus," especially considering the "Alien" references often seemed forced and shoehorned in to what otherwise might have been an interesting meditation on the origins of mankind. And since meditating is one of the best ways to reach "Transcendence," this hire could end up being a match made in heaven.

At least, it had damn well better be.