Thor Reviews 'Man of Steel,' Kind Of

I really like movies. As a recreational reader of NextMovie, you probably really like movies as well. Most people we both know probably really like movies, too.

I point all this out to say that no one either of us have ever met likes movies more than the guy in the above video, who dresses as Thor and travels for fun to AMC movie theaters with a camera crew following, which subsequently films him giving a brief review of a movie he's just scene using his best Chris Hemsworthian Thor impersonation. (Embedded is his review of "Man of Steel," which, good news Zack Snyder — he gives "five lightning strikes out of five"!)

Also credit where it's due to this fellow's opportunism: In between cuts of him reviewing the movie (and, kind of stunningly, making valid points about it), he's placed clips of strangers pulling his hair in awe of his Thor-do or laughing at (with?) his costume. Maybe Hemsworth needs a professional body double from time to time? You never know. I guess.

Regardless, we tip our caps to you, Thor guy. Can't wait for your review of "Before Midnight."