'Touchy Feely' Trailer Is Touchy, Feely

Some movies are touching. Some movies, on the other hand, are about touching — you know, touching people, touching skin, touching lives. All of that sort of thing.

Case in point: The new Apple Trailers clip for the Sundance hit "Touchy Feely," in which everybody touches everybody else, either literally or metaphorically and sometimes inappropriately.

Consider it the "Snakes On A Plane" of quirky indie character pieces.

What is "Touchy Feely" about exactly, you ask? Well, Rosemarie Dewitt plays a super massage therapist who is all that and a bag of chips right up until the moment when she suddenly and inexplicably gets sensory overload and can no longer abide the touch of human flesh. Meanwhile, Josh Pais plays her schlubby dentist brother, who simultaneously undergoes his own complete reversal of fortune when he develops a magic healing touch.

So is that just a weird coincidence? Or is this like the "Freaky Friday" of fingertips?

Check out the new trailer, which also features standouts Ellen Page, Allison Janney and Ron Livingston — and see if this clip doesn't touch you as well.