'MTV First: Man of Steel:' Super Stacked with Superman Goodness

Superman fans received a special treat last night when "MTV First: Man of Steel" premiered on MTV.com, where director  Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon dished on the latest Clark Kent film, which hits theaters nationwide June 14.

It was an evening filled with sexiness (Adams' super-slit dress—hello!), laughs and 'Daily Planet'-sized confessions. Some of the highlights included Cavill wishing no ill will towards Robert Pattinson and Daniel Craig for landing their respective parts, Edward Cullen ("Twilight") and James Bond ("Casino Royale" and "Skyfall"), both roles Cavill almost snagged.

Also, we learned Adams breaks for comic book movies and the deal breaker for Shannon landing General Zod was a little interview he did with MTV's Josh Horowitz, where he donned a bunny hat and looked at cute pictures of puppies. Ah! We see the correlation.

Check out all of the clips at MTV.com. Here's one of our favorites: Cavill and Adams discuss the Lois/Clark relationship, which includes dangling above buildings and cornfields (As one normally does).