'Sandlot' Kids Reunite For Minnesota Twins Game, To Make You Feel Better About Your Life


It's sort of shocking to think that it's been 20 years since "The Sandlot," the charming, coming-of-age baseball movie, was released theatrically, but it's the sad, sad truth. And to celebrate the anniversary, director David Mickey Evans (who went on to a prestigious directing career that included such immortal classics as "National Lampoon's Barely Legal" and "Ace Venture Jr.: Pet Detective") has been touring the movie nationwide, we assume in an RV that's shaped like the giant, fearsome dog in the movie. Evans recently stopped by a Minnesota Twins with two of the movie's original stars, who took pictures and were awkwardly interviewed on Fox Sports.

Patrick Renna, who played Ham, and Chauncey Leopardi (wait, that's really his name?), who are now 34 and 31, got to tour the Twins' locker room, which probably meant they saw a lot of dongs, and were even invited into the coach's office. No word yet on whether or not the coach, struck by Renna's uncanny resemblance to Jonah Hill in the hit movie "Moneyball," started quizzing him on how to improve the team's stats. While both stars look pretty similar to how they were presented 20 years ago, Renna has definitely put on some weight and Leopardi has a shaved head, hipster glasses, and tattoos, which makes him look more like the "edgy" guy that works at Barnes & Noble than a former child star. So at the very least their reappearance should make you feel better about your own life, especially if you assume that one or both has a secret drug problem.

While "The Sandlot" was a modest hit when it was initially released, it has grown into something of a classic, thanks to widespread success on home video and the fact that they play it every other day on basic cable. It even spawned two direct-to-video sequels, one of which co-starred Leopardi. Keep dreaming, boys.