Now ScarJo's Outta the Hillary Clinton Race Too

[caption id="attachment_36310" align="alignleft" width="300"]Scarlett Johansson Getty Images[/caption]

Scarlett Johansson might just have a political bone or two within that curvaceous bod of hers, but she won't be stretching any for that Hillary Clinton biopic movie everyone seems to be distancing themselves from right now.

Johansson was rumored to be a short-lister for James Ponsoldt's "Rodham," based on the 2012 Black-Listed script by Young Il Kim which follows Hillary Rodham through her young go-getter days on Capitol Hill, balancing the business of impeaching President Nixon and her affection for the future impeachee President Bill Clinton.

According to ScarJo's team, though, she's had absolutely zilch to do with it so far.

Like Jessica Chastain before her — the "Zero Dark Thirty" star said last week it was "not true" she was up for the role and that she only found out about the project via the interwebs — ScarJo's team essentially called any talk of her involvement with "Rodham" completely bogus. Her rep told Huffington Post, "Scarlett has never been asked to do this film. She hasn't been approached about it nor seen a script. It's a total fabrication."

Total fabrication, ya'll. Oh, this is is getting good ...

And earlier this week, the so-called frontrunner for the role Carey Mulligan removed her name from the ballot because she supposedly wasn't prepared to commit to the movie (a rather fishy-sounding excuse), so, assuming it isn't another "total fabrication" that Reese Witherspoon, Amanda Seyfried or Emma Stone's names were in the "Rodham" mix, it looks like that "shortlist" just got even shorter. Next!