Link Riot: Watch a Movie at the Hot Tub Cinema

hot-tub-cinema• Hot tub cinema - where do we sign up? [Neatorama]

• These are the 50 best first films ever made. []

• Here's the first photo of Rob Lowe as JFK. [Entertainment Weekly]

• To celebrate the release of 'This Is The End,' here's 5 terrible apocalyptic movies. [Hypable]

• Today's WTF fan art: Willy Wonka is a satanic drug dealer. OK then. [Death and Taxes]

• A look back at the first 'Superman' movie ever. [ScreenCrush]

• This is a bit much: French math teacher made his 11 year old students watch 'Saw.' [FilmDrunk]

• Check out this awesome 'Star Wars' graffiti. [Waylou]

• In honor of Father's Day this weekend, here's a supercut of the worst movie dads ever. [Flavorwire]

• This is an amazing inforgraphic of Superman's financial success through the ages. [Moviefone]