'This Is the End' Only Happened Because Of Daniel Radcliffe

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Emma Watson wasn't the only "Harry Potter" star approached about ditching her Gryffindor garbs and turning into an a**-kicking, looting and otherwise just not f**king around survivalist for the apocalyptic disaster comedy "This is the End."

The Boy Who Lived himself, Daniel Radcliffe, also got an early whiff of the pic's script  ... but he was quite put off by the foul odor of the then-stinker draft.

Yep, writer-director Evan Goldberg fessed up to Buzzfeed that he might just have the "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" star to thank for his film not being a laughing stock — at least not for the wrong reasons.

"Two years before we brought it to anybody else, we brought it to Daniel Radcliffe and he rejected it because it was sh***y, it wasn't good enough," he admitted, pulling a little Seth Rogen-ism on himself. "We got too excited, we jumped the gun on that. If we waited another year, I bet he would have done it."

Of course, Radcliffe being the sort of strapping young British gent that he is, he didn't quite phrase it like that. Instead, per Goldberg, he "very respectfully explained that the material was not quite good enough, and he was right. It was a bad early version. He taught us a lesson. We learned something from him that day."

How so, you ask? Well, "the initial version was too obvious," Goldberg elaborated, mentioning "Daniel Radcliffe-Harry Potter jokes" as one such example of that. Of course, anyone who's seen the trailer for the pic knows that Hermione Granger got a pretty direct mention, but since that only came after this amazing thing happened ...

... we see no problem with it.

"This is the End" hits theaters tomorrow, June 12.