Shocker (Not), 'The Purge 2' is Already in Development

[caption id="attachment_181040" align="alignleft" width="300"]Universal Pics. Universal Pics.[/caption]

"The Purge" made its money back ten-fold on opening weekend alone (some would say it even made...a killing?), so you bet your sweet bottom the studio and "Paranormal Activity" producer Jason Blum have already got a sequel in the works. (That's pretty much as close to a Hollywood no-brainer as it gets without any silicon or botox injections involved.)

The James DeMonaco-helmed slasher well capitalized on the "it" factor of the pseudo-dystopian genre at the moment and presented a novel form of evil: the one where society puts away the gavel long enough to let people get all that havoc-wreaking out of their systems and return to productive, ordinary lives the next day... assuming they've survived, that is.

On a $3 million  budget, the hair-raiser has already raked in $34.1 million and counting, and Variety reports that while the film didn't open 'til June 7 — that's 2013, not 2022 as in the movie — Universal Pictures had already gotten itself in the California tax credit line for "Purge 2," receiving a provisional approval credit for up to 25 percent of production funds if spent in the Sunshine State on June 3.

In order for Universal to seal up this tax credit deal, "Purge 2" filming'll have to kick off before the end of the year, too.

So, after all that [no need for a spoiler alert here, right?] murderous mayhem, where'll the story go from here? Surely, the Sandin brood will have learned its lesson about taking in any stranger types by then.

Our pals over at Moviefone have a few smashing ideas, like focusing on those "Enthusiasts" of The Purge, like this girl who skips so very merrily along with that weapon ....

... or like finding out who those bloody New Founding Fathers were and what they're up to during all this chaos (we're picturing something pretty "Cabin in the Woods"-y, but then again that might be a little meta).

There are definitely plenty of maladies left to explore within "The Purge" concept framework, so go ahead and brace for even more thrills, chills and blood spills.