'Blue Jasmine' Trailer: Terrible People Being Terrible

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, we don't mean the beginning of summer, but instead the opening of Woody Season. That's right, it's time for the hype on Woody Allen's annual release to begin, starting with the trailer debut. Welcome to the world, "Blue Jasmine"!

Cate Blanchett stars in Allen's latest epic, trotting the streets of San Francisco alongside "To Rome With Love" alum Alec Baldwin (who plays her husband), Sally Hawkins (her sister), Louis C.K., Peter Sarsgaard and the usual cadre of stars who come running when the bespectacled director beckons.

As the titular Jasmine, Blanchett is a bottomed-out, wine-swilling woman clawing her way through middle age while she crashes on her sister's couch, where it seems her main hobby is saying mean stuff while clutching stemware. Her marriage ended suddenly after her husband, who lavished her with gifts and allowed her to take all the bubble baths her Blanchett-y heart desired, was exposed as a criminal and a cheater.

"You choose losers because that's what you think you deserve, and that's why you'll never have a better life," says Blanchett, who, uh, chose a loser. Pot, kettle?

No stammers to be found yet, but we're sure come the July 26 release of "Blue Jasmine," there'll uh, um, uh...well, it's a Woody Allen movie. You do the math.