This Happened: Steven Seagal, Dancing in the Streets of Chechnya. Um, Sure.

It's not very often that we here at NextMovie want to show you random videos of people joyously dancing in the streets of Chechnya — every two Thursdays or so, at a maximum — but sometimes you have to make exceptions.

Like, say, when Steven Seagal visits the embattled Russian territory for no reason and decides to become one of those people joyously dancing, making sure a camera is capturing his every cringe-worthy movement to eventually broadcast on the internet. That's an exception we'll make every day.

It's difficult to say that anything Steven Seagal has ever been in is a "must-watch," but I promise, this video comes as close as possible to that designation. It's going to make your day better, and that's really all you can ask.

Or, if "Steven Seagal embarrassing himself on camera" comes up short of your high standards for clicking on one-minute videos, can we perhaps interest you in a couple of fun GIFs from the video that are guaranteed to, dare we say, start a "Fire Down Below" for you? (I'm so, so sorry. God.)

(GIFs courtesy of, brahs. Swate.)