2 'Community' Alums Climb Into 'Hot Tub Time Machine' Sequel

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So, that "Hot Tub Time Machine" sequel you've been clamoring for (read: probably not thinking about at all) is now taking shape with two new additions.


Former "Community" co-stars Gillian Jacobs and Chevy Chase have now signed the dotted line to star in the follow-up to the 2010 comedy alongside returnees Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke and fellow NBC-er Adam Scott.

Per Deadline, Jacobs will be the leading lady in Steve Pink's second jacuzzi time travel flick — whoddathunkit? — the details for which are still a little bit slim ... no doubt, under the precious lock and key system MGM has for such high-profile projects.

Meanwhile, Chase will reprise his role as the mysterious maintenance dude who always seems to have the inside track on what's going down.

Chevy Chase Community

Deadline suspects Chase's role in "Hot Tub 2" might be a bit enlarged from the first, which would totally make sense given his diva behavior recent media escapades about the show and whatnot.

Hey, at least it's not a remake.