Carey Mulligan Leads the Race to Play Hillary Clinton

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We know Carey Mulligan has a lot of "Drive," but who knew she was such a political animal?

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Academy Award-nominated "An Education" star is now at the tippy-top of a formidable list of A-list actresses to score the part of former Secretary of State/2016 Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the biopic "Rodham."

THR says Mulligan "will have a sit-down with director James Ponsoldt ('The Spectacular Now')" and that "both sides are eager for it to work" even though "no decision has been made and that others actresses are still in the mix."

Those others include Amanda Seyfried, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Chastain, the latter of whom shot down rumors earlier this week. If the role is indeed Mulligan's it will be a juicy one, dramatizing Hillary's formative years as an ambitious young lawyer trying to reconcile her lofty political ambitions with feelings for a scruffy law school stud named Bill Clinton. These are also known casually as Hillary's "hot years" (yowsa!).

Whoever lands the gig, the idea is to have "Rodham" front-and-center in the lead-up to the next big election cycle, with Temple Hill Entertainment already positioning it as an awards contender.

Mulligan certainly has the fierceness and intelligence needed to convey Hillary's strength, and will definitely look cute in glasses. She most recently got her Charleston on in "The Great Gatsby," and will next dance to the Coen Brothers' tune for the critically lauded "Inside Llewyn Davis."

So what do you think? Could this...

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...accurately portray this?