Ethan Hawke is Fast & Furious in 'Getaway' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_180495" align="alignleft" width="300"]Getaway Warner Bros.[/caption]

Poor Ethan Hawke. Will he ever catch a break?

Think about it. Once upon a time, all Hawke had to worry about was Gen X angst in movies like "Reality Bites." Now, he's been thrown head-first into haunted houses ("Sinister"), romantic existential conundrums ("Before Midnight") and "Assault on Precinct 13" kind of situations (again!) with masked crazies who want to release their pent-up rage upon his family (this week's "The Purge").

Hawke's streak of nothin' but blue Mondays continues in "Getaway," the high-speed thriller in which he grabs Selena Gomez and gets behind the wheel of a sweet Mustang in an attempt to rescue his kidnapped wife from the clutches of Belloq from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" himself (Paul Freeman). It's one of those movies where cell phone reception means everything as the villainous Freeman gives our hero a real-time set of instructions as he screeches and careens his vehicle all over hell and gone.

Check out the trailer below, or in HD at iTunes Movie Trailers. "Getaway" will zoom into theaters on Aug. 30.