So, John Travolta's a Real-Life Wedding Crasher

[caption id="attachment_180242" align="alignleft" width="220"]Yahoo! Shine Yahoo! Shine[/caption]

Whaddya do when on the day before you're set to get hitched, you happen to hit your local dive and randomly across a majorly recognizable celeb sittin' at the bar solo, nursing a brewsky in a ball cap and blue jeans like he's some kinda normie? Especially if it's a guy like, say, John Travolta whose ability to cut a rug is beyond well-documented*?

Duh, you totally throw caution to the wind and toss that sucker an invite.

So, as you might have guessed (whether by the non-hypothetical above or the picture here), this is pretty much exactly what happened recently down in Georgia.

Per Yahoo! Shine, John Travolta was down in the state of peaches, baseball and one lush golf course to re-up on his piloting license and happened to meet up with a pair of enthusiastic newlyweds-to-be.

The trio palled up pretty quickly, apparently, because Travolta rolled up to their wedding day for some thumbs-uppery and photo fare, and everyone looked really jazzed about it.

Evidently, the "Savages" star was totally "nice and down to earth about the whole ordeal" and wasn't afraid to have his mug photo-ed for the world to see ... and the bride was no diva about sharing her big day with the big guy, either (but who would be?).


* A GIF-tastic review below because obviously.