HOO-AH! Al Pacino Was Almost Han Solo in 'Star Wars'

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Of all the myriad of fantastical creatures and kooky characters featured in the original "Star Wars" movie, it was definitely lacking in the hammy Italian American stereotype department. But, had an actor originally considered for a pivotal role signed on, the universe would have been a whole lot more over-act-y. That's right: Al Pacino was originally considered for the role of Han Solo. HOO-A!

Over the weekend, at an event in London called, get this, "An Evening with Al Pacino," Pacino revealed that Lucas had offered him the role of the roguishly charming (or is it charmingly roguish?) scoundrel Han Solo for the original "Star Wars" feature. Francis Ford Coppola, a mutual friend of both Pacino's and Lucas', suggested the actor for the part, but Pacino turned it down because he couldn't wrap his head around the movie's far-out story.

"It was mine for the taking," the actor told the crowd, "but I didn't understand the script."

Pacino, you boner! You could have been wallpapering your cathedral-sized bedroom in million dollar bills instead of taking on lead roles in weird HBO biopics and letting people make supercuts of your weird sounds! Oh well. While it's fun to think about Pacino playing Solo (kind of like those amazing "Saturday Night Live" "Star Wars" auditions bits), it's probably best that the iconic antihero didn't end up being played by Pacino. As much as we'd want to hear Pacino's all-screaming rendition of "Empire Strikes Back's" immortal line, "I know."