Did M. Night Shyamalan Secretly Write 'She's All That'?

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UPDATED, 6/14/2013: Um, excuse us Mr. Shyamalan. Or should we say SHAM-alan.

According to a now-deleted tweet by R. Lee Fleming Jr., caught by The Mary Sue, Mr. Shamalamadingdong did not actually write the fresh Prinze's teen classic "She's All That."

"@jxmitchell @nicolarz Only in his mind, James," he tweeted at someone expressing surprise at last week's revelation.

Twist! Double-twist! Who can we even trust?!


Previously, 5/30/2013: IMDb lists the 1999 teen rom-com "She's All That" as having been written by a gentleman named R. Lee Fleming, Jr., who later went on to write pretty much the same movie in 2001's "Get Over It" before runs on "One Tree Hill" and "The Lying Game."

Except (CRAZY LAST MINUTE PLOT TWIST) no he didn't! At least, not if you believe a recent interview with M. Night Shyamalan, who claims (CRAZY LAST MINUTE PLOT TWIST) it was M. Night Shyamalan who wrote "She's All That" this whole time! Who saw that one coming? Good twist, Shy-Shy.

Yes, M. Night Shyamalan, movie mastermind of 1) the twist ending and 2) nothing else, ghost-wrote the story of cool dude Freddie Prinze, Jr. making over a nerdy girl into someone deemed worthy of actually being seen in public with him in order to be positively judged by fellow cool dudes, and, whoa, (CRAZY LAST MINUTE PLOT TWIST) she was actually super hot this whole time! Man, I remember physically shaking walking out of that movie theater. Whew.

Shy (we're close, we can call him that) didn't go into it more, after an initial hesitation to speak the name of the greatest teen makeover movie of our time, but also reminded us that he wrote "Stuart Little" the same year as "The Sixth Sense." Bwuhhhh??

In an exclusive, Mark Wahlberg filmed his initial reaction to today's news for us.

Yes, Mark. Believe it. And then kisss meeee, beneath the broken tree houuuussseeee...