Posters: If Melissa McCarthy Stole Jason Bateman's Career

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Oh man, what if Jason Bateman woke up one morning and found the posters that adorn his bedroom walls (you know his bedroom is decorated with his own movie posters) were replaced with these?

In "Identity Thief" (on DVD & Blu-ray now), Melissa McCarthy steals Bateman's credit card number and, from there, his very identity. But what if she didn't stop there? What if she continued her extortion of all that is Bateman beyond just the movie they starred in together? What if she snatched all of his movies (and at least one television show)?

It might look a little like this. Protect your information, people! (And, sheesh, how many existential crises can one guy have?)

Horrible Bosses starring Melissa McCarthy

The Switch



Teen Wolf Too

Arrested Development starring Melissa McCarthy

Watch Exclusive Clip from 'Identity Thief' DVD/Blu-ray