'Pirates 5' Will be Helmed by 2 Dudes Whose Names You Can't Pronounce

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If you thought  the name Gore Verbinski was a tongue-twister, aye matey, just wait'll you get a load of the directors tapped by Disney to co-captain the ship for "Pirates of the Caribbean 5."

Per Deadline, the pair responsible for "Kon-Tiki," Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg — both of whom tend to wear some pretty slick-looking spectacles, might we add — will be on board to navigate through the oft murky waters of fifth installment-dom.

Okay, Espen is simple enough, but Joachim is a pretty old school thing to call somebody (the interwebs tell us it's a biblical moniker and also somehow related to "Star Trek") ... but enough about that.

Apparently the studio, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and even the swashbuckler himself Johnny Depp have given these the Norwegian a round of thumbs up to making movie five of the "Pirates" franchise happen.

The decision might have a little something to do with the content of the pair's previous co-production, "Kon-Tiki." That film told the story of explorer Thor Heyerdal's big journey across the Pacific on a pithy little raft boat back in 1947.

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C'mon, it sorta even looks like a "Pirates" movie ... which is probably the point, yeah?

The script for "Pirates 5" is being polished up, and production is expected to begin this winter.