DreamWorks Gives Snails a 'Turbo' Boost In New Trailer

The Indy 500 takes place later today, so what better time than now for DreamWorks to release the latest YouTube trailer for their upcoming animated snail racing movie "Turbo," which features Ryan Reynolds as a mutant slug who dreams of chugging milk at the brickyard?

Gentlemen, start your slime!

Set to hit theaters on July 17, "Turbo" features the voice of Reynolds as, well, a snail named Turbo. He dreams of being fast, which is ironic, you see, because he's a snail. That's what Hollywood insiders call "high concept."

As the new trailer shows, though, after Turbo gets mutated in a Spider-Man style accident involving radioactive fuel injection (or... something), Turbo develops the power of super speed and ends up heading to the Indy 500 himself.

So does he win? Does the fact that Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Hader and Ken Jeong also provide voicework make this movie seem more interesting? Or is "Turbo" headed for an epic flameout? Check out the new trailer and decide for yourself.

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