Melissa McCarthy Allegedly Fires Child-Abusing Extra

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Melissa McCarthy's onscreen characters may poop in sinks and buy rounds of drinks with a stolen credit card, but she ain't gonna stand back and watch somebody abuse a child in real life.

The star of 2013's first big hit, "Identity Thief," reportedly fired a woman from the set of her new film on Monday after watching her hoist a young child in the air by the wrist.

The 20-something mother had brought her kindergarten-aged child with her to the Wilmington, North Carolina shooting location of  2014's "Tammy," which McCarthy co-wrote and is co-directing with her husband, Ben Falcone. The woman was one of more than 200 extras who spent the day shooting near a lake. She had been loudly telling her kid to "stop it" and "quiet down" all morning, according to TMZ, who first reported the story. After McCarthy witnessed her jerking the kid in the air by the wrist, she had production assistants boot the extra from her set with the quickness.

"Tammy" is a road trip comedy starring McCarthy as a woman who hits the highway with her hard-drinking mother (Susan Sarandon) after finding out her husband is having an affair and getting fired from her job (like a child-abusing extra, one might say). "It's about these two women who are not where they thought they would be, and then they kind of band together," McCarthy told The Hollywood Reporter when New Line acquired the story. "It's just my perfect tone. It’s so funny, and it also kind of breaks my heart."

The movie also stars Susan Sarandon, Dan Akroyd, Allison Janney and Kathy Bates. Will Ferrell is an executive producer; "Anchorman" director Adam McKay also produced.