'As Cool As I Am' Trailer: Claire Danes is a Sucky Mom

In real life, Claire Danes is probably a fantasmically excellent mother. However, her character in this new trailer for "As Cool As I Am" needs a 'lil help.

Fellow junkies of the "My So-Called Life" series — which, seriously, how in the world was that show just one season? — will remember a younger Danes as the sullen Angela Chase, dying her hair (much to her mother's chagrin) and desperately trying to find herself a comfy corner in the universe while hoping above all hope that the hot guitar guy at school might one day pay her just an ounce of attention. Ah, hormones.

Cut back to the present, and Danes is on the receiving end of all that angst ... and deservedly so.

"Cool" features Claire Danes and James Marsden as a former pair who got preggers while still just teenagers. Under the pressure of a shotgun-wielding elder of some sort, no doubt, the two got married and tried to make it last, but as these things go it didn't work out and the poor kid (Sarah Bolger) finds herself living smack dab in the middle of a mess.

A mom who forgets the girl's sixteenth birthday and wears clothes that'd make a call girl blush; a dad who begrudges his lot in life and believes he's sacrificed it all on her behalf ... Yeah, definitely no fun being Lucy Diamond. On the bright side, she does still have all the traditional trappings of teenagedom and has smooching on the brain. So, there are distractions from all the familial turmoil at bay as well.

We get the feeling mother and daughter'll wind up having one of these moments somewhere along the line, just for the sake of full circularity.

"As Cool As I Am," directed by Max Mayer, hits theaters on June 21.