New 'Wolverine' Trailer Rocks. Finally.

Ever have one of those dreams where you're totally macking on this hot mutant, only then it turns out she's dead, mainly because you killed her with your huge metal claws, and then you wake up and it's all some sort of uncomfortable metaphor?

Man, we hate it when that happens. Except when it happens in the new YouTube trailer for "The Wolverine." Then it's totally awesome.

Yes, folks, the July 26 release of the somewhat anticipated new Hugh Jackman superhero epic "The Wolverine" is fast approaching, but 20th Century Fox isn't taking anything for granted. That's why they've put out a new trailer that takes all the teasers we've seen to date and combines them into one uber-clip that finally makes the movie actually look pretty cool.

Which it should. After all, this latest installment in the ongoing "X-Men" franchise takes place after the events of the much maligned 2006 trilogy-capper "X-Men: The Last Stand," meaning Wolverine is in full angst mode after killing Jean Grey. And how does one deal with such things? Why, by heading to Japan to face off against hot ninja women, creepy old yakuza scientists and giant killer samurai robots.

So check it out. Because it may be a nightmare for Logan, but it's a dream come true for fanboys everywhere. At last.