The Zombie Rules for Swimming in a Blood Pool

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If you're going to have a swimming pool full of blood, there've gotta be a few rules, ya know?

Over in the U.K. (which basically explains everything about this story right off) some weird chaps will be celebrating the release of the latest Resident Evil video game by taking a dip in a pool of blood-colored water.

And attendants won't just be seeing red when this all goes down, either; human torso floats, intestine-shaped lane markers, zombie lifeguards and a "freshly killed human corpse" diving board will also be prepared for the day, and participants can retrieve some vials of anti-virus serum from the bottom and then dry off with blood-spattered towels. Talk about some killer theme commitment. 

Capcom's rep explained, "Zombies have been kept very busy lately doing a variety of PR stunts, so rather than do the expected and use them in the campaign for Resident Evil Revelations, we wanted to give them some time off for canal side relaxation in London. To non-zombies, the swimming pool will be shocking, gory and an incredibly disturbing experience – the perfect way to show that survival horror is back with a bang for Resident Evil Revelations."

To prepare for the bloody two-day affair, which takes place at Juniper Wharf this coming weekend, this infographic of zombie pool rules has been made to warn against offenses like biting, skin picking and whipping out the Thriller dance. 'Cause, with all of their elaborate (albeit disgusting) extras planned, someone might get all confused about the reality of the situation and go one too far, right?

Zombie Pool Rules for Resident Evil Revelations Blood Pool

Seems legit.

As another fun fact, the pool is said to hold 55,000 gallons of water ordinarily, so to fill it with actual blood — no, they didn't go quite that far — it'd take 11,327 people.

Dive right in! Surely, the water will be warm.