Iran to Affleck: 'Bengo F**k Yourself'

"Argo" may have been the most acclaimed film of 2012, but there's at least one person who wasn't all that excited about it: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

And now, thanks to "Saturday Night Live" and the world's top Mahmoud Ahmadinejad impersonator, Fred Armisen, Iran finally has its revenge with the new viral hit "Bengo F**k Yourself."

Positioned as Iran's official cinematic response to "Argo," "Bengo F**k Yourself" features Armisen as Ahmadinejad as Affleck in a masterful tour de force parody of "Argo," Affleck and Hollywood in general. Plus it has the added bonus of featuring Affleck himself, who was on hand to both host "Saturday Night Live" and poke fun at his own film legacy courtesy of well-timed shots at "Gigli."

So check it out. And see for yourself why, when it comes to the Academy Awards at least, Iran has just one concise message for America: "Bengo F**k Yourself!"