'Last Vegas' Trailer: 'The Hangover' with Good (Old) Actors

So what would happen if you took "The Hangover" and replaced Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper with some of the greatest actors of the last half century? Well, as this new clip from Yahoo! Movies shows, you'd have the first trailer for the upcoming comedy "Last Vegas," that's what.

We can't wait to see what blatantly derivative "idea" Hollywood comes up with next.

Not that "Last Vegas" looks bad. Actually, it looks kind of interesting, based solely on the fact that it features Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline as a geriatric wolfpack out for one last weekend of crazy times before the old folks home comes to get them. Their excuse for their trip to Vegas? Bachelor party, naturally.

Of course, everybody loves a winning formula, so it's only natural that Hollywood is still churning out one "Hangover" ripoff after another, from "Last Vegas" ("The Hangover" with old people!) to "21 and Over" ("The Hangover" with young people!) to "Bridesmaids" ("The Hangover," only good!) to "The Hangover Part III" ("The Hangover," only we just don't even know why any more!).

But seriously, when we think of all the great things a cast like this could do... sigh. Oh well. If this is their last big screen go-round together, at least we'll always have Vegas.

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