'Pacific Rim' Trailer: Monsters, Robots & Jax, Oh My!

Could July 12th hurry up already? Ever since that footage at Comic-Con last year, we've been filled with the same kind of geeky giddiness for "Pacific Rim" that we can imagine Guillermo del Toro has been spreading all over edit bays while assembling what could very likely be an action masterpiece.

Warner Bros. has unleashed the full trailer for "Pac Rim" (hey, if that store in the mall can be abbreviated to "Pac Sun"...) today and it's filled with exactly what we wanted to see: big Shogun Warrior style robots piloted by a biker from SAMCRO and other soldiers fighting Godzilla style monsters. Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax Teller from "Sons of Anarchy" (and almost Thor in the Marvel movies) gets the exposition out of the way in a tasty voice over, setting up the premise for what this movie is all about: a future where humans operate huge robots to battle giant alien monsters. Hunnam's TV step-father/chief rival and frequent del Toro collaborator Ron Perlman is also part of the "Pac Rim" awesome-fest, too.

The trailer is full of more action than we've seen previously. This thing looks huge and refreshingly un-video-game-y. Guillermo knows how to direct CGI action like a champion. The movie also stars Idris Elba and Charlie Day.