Here is a Dog Crying While Watching 'The Lion King'

Above, we have what Sarah MacLachlan has been drearily chanting about for twenty years in between otherwise-happy stuff on your television set — a dog being forced by its owners to watch the saddest scene in Disney movie history, when Simba tries in vain to wake up his deceased father Mufasa in "The Lion King." Needless to say, the dog is upset by the proceedings of the Circle of Life, as we all were once upon a time.

Admittedly, however, we are finding it somewhat difficult to believe this particular dog. Is it really upset? Or did it just notice that a camera was pointed at its face (at the :01 second mark) and put on its best audition face? Fine, Rascal (yes, the dog's name is "Rascal," starting now), you can be in "Air Bud 7." Jeez.

But if those feelings are real, and the dog is, in fact, genuinely (and rightfully) upset by the proceedings (prove it, dog), its owners needed to do exactly one thing to put it in a better mood: remind the dog that Simba is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Once that happens, the viewer can literally feel the gravitas of the scene fading away like Mufasa's face in the clouds. Problem solved!