'Gremlins' Gets the Reboot Treatment Courtesy of Seth Grahame-Smith

When it comes to gremlins, there are certain hard and fast rules one should keep in mind at all times: Never expose them to direct sunlight, never get them wet, and never, ever feed them after midnight.

But nobody said anything about never doing any remakes with them.

Which is either a very good thing or a grave oversight depending on your point of view, because according to Bloody Disgusting, the 1984 cult classic "Gremlins" is indeed being remade — and Seth Grahame-Smith is going to be producing it.

Grahame-Smith, of course, is best known to most movie fans not as a producer but as a writer, thanks to the screenplays he wrote for "Dark Shadows" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," which was adapted from his own novel of the same name.

Both of those movies were box office bombs. And they were both savaged by critics. So while we're a bit conflicted to begin with over the idea of remaking a classic like "Gremlins," any enthusiasm we may have felt over seeing cute little Gizmo and his sadistic offspring again is kind of muted. And by kind of muted we mean, seriously, is Seth Grahame-Smith really the best they could do?

Of course, so far Grahame-Smith is just set to produce alongside David Katzenberg (son of the slightly more famous Hollywood figure Jeffrey Katzenberg), so maybe they will find someone good to write it. Otherwise, they might want to expose their critics to sunlight right now.

Because otherwise, those grumpy critics are pretty much guaranteed to start multiplying.