Put Your Foot in a Disney Villain's Mouth (Really)

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It's time to stop putting your foot in your own mouth, and time to start putting it into someone else's. The Evil Queen who torments the innocent Snow White seems like a good place to start.

Here's your golden opportunity (slash poisoned apple, take your pick): UK fashion designer Kobi Levi has unveiled her "Witch-Craft" line of shoes, celebrating fierce heels and fiercer Disney villains.

Three ladies of darkness are featured in Levi's collection of leather heels, which she calls "wearable sculpture": Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" and Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty."

The kicks are finely detailed art on their own, but here's the best part: When worn, they don't necessarily scream "Disney-obsessed psychopath who wants to wear homages to evil queens on her feet," since, let's face it, we already have like nine pairs of shoes in our closet that already fit that description. (What?) The faces of each queen are actually painted on the insole of each shoe, hidden when worn. The wearer looks Gaga-esque, as opposed to "are you allowed to be near children unsupervised"-esque.

Check out pics of the shoes below, via Laughing Squid, and head to Kobi Levi's blog to see more of her high-heeled creations.

evil queen shoes 550

ursula shoes 550

ursula shoes side 550

maleficent shoes 550

maleficent shoes side 550