Lake Bell Still Wants to Play Wonder Woman

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A few years ago actress Lake Bell dropped a bombshell on fanboys at San Diego ComicCon when she declared that she had the moxy (and the guns) to play Wonder Woman. Since then the role has been occupied by Adrianne Palicki in a famously failed TV pilot and by Kimberly Kane in a XXX parody.

Sounds like the big-screen iteration of the gig is still available, and there's still a glimmer of hope that someday, DC's long-delayed "Justice League" movie will actually be produced. During an interview promoting her survival thriller "Black Rock," we checked in with Bell to find out whether she's still looking to get into the spandex-and-spangles game.

You've made this clear in the past, but just to reiterate that should "Justice League" ever get off its ass at Warner Bros. you'd be a fantastic Wonder Woman.

Thank you, that's awesome! That is a secret dream of mine.

Not that secret! You made that proclamation a few years ago.

I said it so randomly at ComicCon then it was definitely a thing for a second. It's so funny because you say those things in passing, stupidly… 'cause I was there for comedy, I wasn't there for anything else, but it was at ComicCon so people were like, "Oh, wait a second, Lake Bell's making a play for something." But yeah, it's totally a fantasy to be a superhero and to kick some f**kin' ass.

What is it specifically about Diana and her star spangled underwear that appeals to you?

I mean, I think growing up I thought she was the most remarkable person ever, so it's more nostalgia than anything else. To play a superhero in your core you have to have a little bit of a sense of humor because you have to suspend disbelief and lean into something that's an icon. It was initially a drawing to embody a concept, and you have to have some playful spark in you.

Make of that what you will, but if this summer's "Man of Steel" hits as big as we think it will, expect Warners to finally  let their "Justice League" off the leash and, at the very very least, give Bell a courtesy call.