'Gravity' Trailer is What Space Nightmares Are Made Of

Houston, we have one heckuva problem.

The first teaser trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" dropped last night by way of Warner Bros. UK, and now we basically can't stop thinking about it (or dreaming about it).

In a nutshell, George Clooney stars in the film as a seasoned veteran of space wanderings who's guiding Sandra Bullock's medical engineer character on a routine little zero grav trek outside the ship while ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the wonderments of wonder ... until his upcoming retirement soiree gets cancelled indefinitely once a pile of debris knocks the pair of space stragglers loose from their ships. All the shudders.

So, yeah, spoiler alert: When it looks like there's a person floating off into nothingness there near the end of the teaser, that's exactly what's happening. Tack on the facts that they've lost radio contact with Earth and have a limited oxygen supply, and you have got yourself a pretty gnarly little nightmare.

We pegged this one as an early Oscar contender over a year ago, 'cause duh. Now we're thinkin' it'll be a box office runaway too. 'Cause who can resist watching this terrifying business unfold in 3D?

For those counting, according to our movie math so far, "Moon" + "Open Water" - "Jaws" = "Gravity."

The film will make a (safe) landing into U.S. theaters on Oct. 4.