She-Hulk on the Loose After Beating Up a British Teen

[caption id="attachment_177093" align="alignleft" width="220"]Marvel Marvel[/caption]

What is it with British people and their superhero shenanigans?

Quick. Someone get that Batman dude on the tele 'cause there's a violent She-Hulk on the loose! Yep, apparently we wouldn't like this costumed criminalette when she's angry... or any other time for that matter.

The York Press reports that a woman dressed up as the Incredible Hulk — meaning, she was covered in green skin paint and wearing shredded shirt — is the prime suspect in a recent York, England battery incident against a seventeen-year-old at a local McDonald's restaurant. 

The perp's Marvel-ous little disguise appears to have been rather effective because the authorities were admittedly only speculating that the woman is white, around 5-foot-8 and has a "medium build."


The Hulk smash incident is said to have taken place at the wee hours of the morning Friday, cause unknown (a cheeseburger mix-up, perchance?), and left the teenage victim with a black eye. Police stated, "Thankfully the injuries were not too severe. However, the outcome could have been far more serious."

Does anyone know if Beyonce was in the U.K. last week, by chance? 'Cause, ya know, this was a thing.