Link Riot: The Greatest Movie Beatdowns as GIFs


• There's no denying that the Hollywood dream machine has manufactured just as many violent fantasies as it has romantic ones. [Complex]

• Future Commentary: Michael Bay on the 25th anniversary of "Transformers" (that will be 2032, by the way). [FilmDrunk]

• Who needs Cliffs Notes? Here's your handy-dandy guide to "The Great Gastby," old sport. [Hypable]

• That's Not What We Had in Mind: 11 movie adaptations that didn't live up to their literary counterparts. [Moviefone]

• Speaking of which, the 1926 version of "The Great Gatsby" was pretty rotten and awful and terrible. [MentalFloss]

• Robert Redford and Anthony Mackie reveal more about "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" than they probably should have. [Splash Page]

• 12 things the "Ender's Game" trailer got right. [BuzzFeed]

• The Great Debate: "Iron Man" vs. "Iron Man Three." []

• When Cosplay Goes Horribly Wrong: She-Hulk on the rampage! [ScreenCrush]

• Baz Luhrmann is thinking about doing a "Hamlet" movie. Yeah, we need another one of those. [The Hollywood Reporter]

• What's your favorite quote from "Speed"? Yeah, the Keanu Reeves bus movie. [BuzzSugar]

• Winona Ryder was told she wasn't pretty enough to be an actress. Then she ended up being one of the prettiest actresses of all time. [The Frisky]

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