Supercut: Have a Happy Motherf***in' Mother's Day

This Sunday, moms across the world'll be celebrating their own momness (or is it momitude?) in varying degrees and fashions. Some will receive flowers; others will demand that those whiny, slothy teenage miscreants do their own ruddy laundry for crying out loud ... or something like that.

Mom, mum, mother, madre ... whatever you call her, she went through the uber painstaking process of giving life to your ungrateful hiney, so candy and card companies society saw fit to throw our matriarchs a bone and dedicate a day to the gal. To pitch in with some on-point cinematic snark,'s put together this lol-arious and totally not safe for work mash-up of the many movie moments when the word mother gets met with our very favorite expletive (hint: it starts with an "f" and rhymes with tucker).

Not surprisingly, like half of them come from this guy ...

... Yeah, Samuel L. Jackson.

However, he does get some support from fellow potty mouths like Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Mo'Nique, Will Smith, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Richard Pryor, Tom Cruise and Michael Clark Duncan.

After watching this, you might want to invest in a new bar of soap in case your mama catches you repeating the foul (but oh so fun) phrase. It's pretty contagious. We love you, Mom!